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April 7, 2019

Ruth 4:11-4:22

1. Looking at Ruth 4:11-12, there are 3 prayers from the people. They prayed for the reputation of Ruth, Boaz, & their descendants. One of the major points of this final chapter is to see how God answers these prayers. Do we have confidence before God as we pray? What keeps us from praying to God with confidence?

2. The author of Ruth is purposeful in giving God the credit He is due…look at Ruth 4:13, “The Lord gave her conception.” We are to notice that God is the one who accomplished this work, what are other works that take place around us that we need to note as God’s work?

3. Starting in Ruth 4:14, the women of Bethlehem remind, correct, & encourage Naomi. How are these actions marks of a godly friendship?

4. The women pray that the child would be known throughout Israel. Looking at Ruth 4:17-21 & Matthew 1…it is clear that God answers that prayer well beyond what they would’ve imagined. So how can we be intentional to pray for one another at MBC: for children, youth, widows/widowers/leadership/volunteers/sick/spiritually struggling? TAKE TIME DURING YOUR GROUP TO PRAY SPECIFICALLY FOR MBCers

5. The women of Bethlehem also speak of God’s goodness towards Naomi & the miraculous work in Ruth’s life as well in Ruth 4:15-17. What are the ways that this historical account points to Jesus Christ? 

6. It was said by Pastor Nate that every sinner has a crisis: a crisis of sin. How does this account of Ruth bring hope & joy to those in the crisis of sin?

7. Finally, Pastor Nate spoke of gospel amnesia & our need to combat this by immersing ourselves in the gospel. What are ways you can saturate your life with gospel truth?