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Acts 2

1.We looked at the core characteristics of the early church seen in v. 42 & then explained in further detail in v. 43-47.

A: We started by talking about how they devoted themselves to sound teaching, the apostles’ teaching. One part of sound teaching is that its aim is truth, not to be trendy. Why do people so often seem drawn more towards what’s trendy rather than timeless truth?

B: Throughout the book of Acts, we see that sound teaching was foundational in the churches. It was said on Sunday that sound teaching is a part of the DNA of Christian community…what happens to Christian community when it departs from sound teaching?

C: We also talked about how they devoted themselves to meeting together. What helps you move beyond surface conversations/relationships into more meaningful conversations/relationships?

D: Their meeting together led to caring for one another…How can your community group become even more caring towards one another?

E: The passage speaks about how they ate together regularly & we were encouraged to think through the way we eat. What are traditions that you’ve established or want to establish that would lead to more value & significance during your mealtimes?

F: The early Christians also spent time praying together. How does spending time in prayer with others help produce unity?

2. We ended by talking about the outcome of their devotion to sound teaching, meeting together, eating together, & praying together.

A: One result was genuine unity. It was made clear that they weren’t a perfect people, but they were a unified people. (Acts 6) Why is it good for us to read the book of Acts & see that the early church wasn’t perfect, but had to overcome obstacles as well?

B: Pastor Matt alluded to Titus 2 & the idea of “adorning the doctrines of God our Savior.” The early Christians appealed to those around them in the way they loved & cared for one another. What are other ways that you can make the gospel beautiful as you live your life?

C: We also saw that growth was a result of their devotion. Why is it so important to remember that growth is only by the grace of God, not our own doing?

3. We ended with some questions to consider.

A: What do you hope will be said about what you devoted yourself to?

B: What are ways that you would like to get more involved in the life & ministries of MBC?