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Esther 7

1. We began Sunday by being reminded of why we find the Bible to be central to who we are & what we do at MBC.

Q: As we’ve gone through the book of Esther, how has God’s Word shown itself to be valuable? What have you learned from studying this book of the Bible?

Q: When thinking about the problems facing many churches, we heard, “The problem for many Christians isn’t a reliance on the Bible, but rather a rejection of the Bible.” Why is it so important to maintain a view of the Bible as central to our understanding of truth?

2. In studying Esther’s response to the King in v. 3-6, Esther demonstrates great wisdom.

Q: Esther’s words & the timing of her words prove to be effective. How do words & the timing of our words affect those around us today? How can you demonstrate wisdom in the way you use words?

Q: Biblical wisdom is “skillfully applying the knowledge of God found in the Word of God that one may live for the glory of God.” How do we pursue being biblically wise? Why does biblical wisdom lead to God being glorified? What’s an example you’ve seen of biblical wisdom?

ACTION: Read Proverbs 3:13-18.

Q: What keeps us from viewing wisdom the way this passage speaks of wisdom?

Q: How would biblical wisdom impact the way you deal with others, shape your calendar, other decisions you face on a regular basis?

ACTION: Take time at the end to pray for one another to be biblically wise.

3. The passage shows that the reversal for Haman comes to pass with him having nothing to stand on.

Q: Haman faced a King’s wrath with nowhere to turn, no defense to withstand. This situation not only applies to Haman, but for all those outside of Christ & His work. As a Christian, how does this situation give you a burden to share the gospel with those that are in this state of helplessness & hopelessness?

Q: Everyone faces this reality of the King’s wrath; despair, denial, doubt & hope were offered as the ways people face this wrath. Why do so many despair, deny, or doubt the coming wrath of the King? How does Christ’s work being your hope & your defense give you greater delight in Christ?