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James 4:11-17

1. We started by talking about what we are to remove from our lives in light of God’s Word.

A: In this section, James addresses 3 sins: slandering, condemning, & arrogance. Why is it so difficult for us to confront these areas of sin in our own lives?

B: How do these 3 sins each exalt self rather than God?

C: We also heard that the world glamorizes the idea of finding yourself & making much of yourself…while Christianity says lose yourself & make much of God. Why is the world’s method ultimately insufficient & unsustainable?

2. We then looked at v. 11-12 & the topic of slander & condemnation.

A: Slander is clearly dangerous. But why is slander so destructive in a church setting?

B: Pastor Nate made sure to differentiate between condemnation & rebuke. Have you ever experienced a proper rebuke, a biblical call to repentance rooted in love?

C: We also saw how the person who caves to slander & condemnation places themselves above the law, in God’s place. This runs counter to the reality of the universe (seen in v. 12). When you realize this kind of foolishness, placing yourself in the place of God, is associated with slander & condemnation…how does that change how you view these sins?

3. Next we looked at v. 13-15 and the topic of arrogance.

A: It was seen that arrogance leads to living as if God is not a variable. You do things on your time, go to your place, in your duration, doing your enterprise, and with your goal…God is nowhere to be found. So…for you, where is God both in your present endeavors as well as in your planning & strategizing for the future?

B: Pastor Nate mentioned that people want to live as if there is no God because then there is no accountability. How has accountability before God been for your good?

C: In v. 15, James gives instruction to the arrogant: make God CENTRAL to your life. What are ways that you can take this message to heart & apply it all the more in your life?

4. Finally, we talked about v. 17 & the conviction to do what’s right.

A: We experience the grace of God both in conviction of sin & desire towards holiness. How have you seen this to be true in your life?