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James 5:19-20

1. We began with a gospel overview working our way from Genesis 1 all the way through the goals of creation being realized & Jesus coming soon in Revelation 22.

A: What would you say are key passages that help you unpack gospel components to others?

B: How can a passage like Ephesians 2:1-10 be used to share the gospel with others?

C: After the gospel overview, Pastor Nate said, "The gospel is the story of God's pursuit of man." Through the coming weeks, try to take time to hear each other's story & how God pursued each of you by His grace.


2. We then answered the question of who is James instructing followers of Christ to pursue. 

A: This passage as well as 1 John 2:19–20 speak of those who gather with believers… But are not believers themselves. What is the distinguishing mark of a true follower of Jesus Christ? Read John 8:31-32.

B: Pastor Nate spoke about the differences between sinners and saints. What are some of the major differences between a sinner and a saint?

C: With a Christian, being a saint shapes our identity. How has the longing to Christ changed the way you live your life? The way you carry yourself in public, at work, etc?


3. We then talked about the goal of pursuing sinners.

A: The goal is to turn sinners to the Savior. We begin with prayer. How does prayer demonstrate a belief that only God can save??

B. We also talked about putting our faith into practice. With that, we talked about the legacy of our faith. What are specific ways you hope Christ-likeness will be a part of your legacy? What are ways that being Christ-like can make you distinctive in the world?

C: Read Romans 10:14-17. What does this passage teach us about the importance of speaking the gospel message? How can we train ourselves to be better equipped to proclaim the truth?


4. We ended with a word on why this pursuit is so critical.

A: We heard in verse 20 about the reality of hell. Hell is real, ugly, and, painful. What keeps us from living like people who believe in the reality and horror of hell??

B: We ended by asking everyone to consider where they stood: a current sinner or a former sinner/current saint. For those who are currently in sin, repent & believe was the word! For those who are saints, savor & share it was the word. How has the book of James, on the whole, motivated you to live faithfully & obediently to the Word of God?