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John 11:1-44

1. One of the first questions when reading this passage is why Jesus waits after receiving the news about Lazarus.

Q: It seems strange that Jesus’ decision to wait two days before arriving is loving. How does this decision demonstrate Christ’s love?

Q: Jesus’ actions throughout this passage are closely tied to making His identity known. What do we learn about Jesus from this passage?

2. We then talked about the importance & difficulties of understanding faith.

Q: In this passage, we see that Jesus uses this opportunity to increase the faith of others. What moments in your life has God used to increase your faith?

Q: Faith is a word often used by both Christians and non-Christians. How would you define Christian faith? Why is faith so vital to having a solid understanding of Christianity?

Q: Pastor Brad challenged us to examine where we place our faith. Why is it so easy for us to misplace our faith? How can you identify where you are placing your faith?

3. We ended by thinking on how a faith in God should be active, alive & growing.

Q: What has kept you from growing in your faith in the past?

Q: Pastor Brad said that a growing faith begins by placing your full faith & trust in God. If you’re a Christian, how has placing your faith & trust in God shaped your life thus far?

Q: We also talked about the need for God’s people to grow in the grace & knowledge of God based off 2 Peter 3:18. How do we grow in the grace & knowledge of God? What takes place in our lives as we grow in the grace & knowledge of God?