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John 19:1-16

1. We started by looking at v. 1-3 & the treatment of Jesus.

A: Rather than let Jesus go free because he is declared innocent, Pilate tries a political maneuver. In the process, the soldiers mock Jesus. What are ways that people make light of Jesus today? How is Jesus mocked in our world?

B: The soldiers say, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and we discussed how Jesus really is King…what changes when a person goes from viewing Jesus as simply a good person or good teacher to seeing him as King? How has Jesus being King shaped your life?

2. We then looked at v. 4-8 & the innocence of Jesus as well as the Word made flesh.

A: Read Deuteronomy 17:1. Why was it so vital that a sacrifice be pure & without spot or defect? How does reading this help us understand how serious God takes purity?

B: Read Isaiah 53:5,11. If Jesus isn’t a perfect, pure, innocent sacrifice…where would this leave us?

C: Pilate said, “Behold the man!” & said it to speak of Jesus’ weakness & pitifulness. Yet John says in John 1:14 that Jesus is glorious. Why is it important & good to believe that Jesus is glorious?

3. Next we talked about v. 9-11 & the 2 truths that we must affirm.

A: Jesus makes it clear that God is sovereign & that humanity is responsible. What happens when you embrace one & abandon the other?

B: Read Romans 10:13-15. How do these verses propel you to share the truth of the gospel with others? Who are people in your life that you need to share with?

4. Finally, we talked about v. 12-14 and the issue of where our allegiance lies.

A: We heard that allegiance & affections go together. You show loyalty to whomever you love. So what are some of the lesser things that people give allegiance & affections to instead of Christ?

B: We were reminded that everyone who reads the gospel of John is pressed to answer the question, “Who is Jesus?”. How would you answer this question?