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Matthew 27:45-54

1. We went through 12 details from this account concerning the death of Jesus.

A: In v. 45 we looked at the utter darkness of those hours & the fact that during this time Jesus took on the wrath & judgement of God…willingly. Matthew makes note of the fact that “there was darkness over all the land” during this time, what does this statement suggest about this moment?

B: In v. 46, we talked about the incredible strength that Jesus displays, the unfathomable sorrow that is spoken, & the immeasurable love that’s seen. When Jesus speaks, he quotes Psalm 22:1…expressing sorrow over the abandonment from the Father. What does it say about the weight of our sin that this moment of sorrow was needed in order to rescue us?

C: V. 46 also highlights the love that Jesus has for the Father in Jesus’ obedience no matter the cost. How do we understand love & obedience relating to one another? What happens if we try to cling to one & neglect the other?

D: The love of God is seen to be immeasurable, to be rich. How does the work of Jesus on the cross show the depth of God’s love towards us? How can we be people who remember this depth of love regularly?

E: In v. 47-49, we see the hatred of God on the part of humanity. Rather than showing compassion, the crowd wants to enjoy the spectacle of the moment. Why is it important that we understand that indifference demonstrates not only a lack of love, but instead the exact opposite…hatred?

F: We then talked about the supreme control of Jesus from v. 50 seen in Jesus’ yielding up his spirit. Jesus speaks of this also in John 10:17-18. Is it necessary that we understand that Jesus has authority…even in his death? Why?

G: Also in v. 50, we see the absolute victory of Jesus. He cries out & we read what is said in John 19:30, “It is finished.” Why is it important to understand that the work of the cross accomplishes its purposes, delivers victory?

H: In v. 51, the power of God is highlighted both in the tearing of the curtain in two & through the earth shaking. What are other examples of God’s power from the Scriptures? Do we believe God to still be powerful today?

I: With v. 52-53, we focused on the fact that this is tangible evidence of the resurrection power that would be on full display three days later. How do we balance our attention between what took place on the cross with the news of God’s resurrection power? How do we take time to contemplate both the realities of Good Friday & Easter Sunday?

J: We ended by seeing the amazing grace of God in v. 54-55. If you look at Matthew 27:27-31 & compare them to v. 54-55…you see a radical change! They see Jesus for who He is…so we have to ask, how can we more consistently see Jesus for who He is?

K: Pastor Nate ended the sermon with a great question of examination & application: Jesus fully yielded Himself to the will of God, so where have we failed to fully yield in our lives? What are areas of our lives that can be fully yielded to God right now?