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Psalm 1

1. We started by addressing 4 initial questions as we began our times in the Psalms.

A: We learned that the Psalms are songs written by at least 9 different authors & covering 5 distinct genres: praise, lament, enthronement, imprecatory, & wisdom. Which of these genres is the first that comes to mind when you think of the Psalms as a whole? Which will be the most foreign to you?

B: We also heard why we are going through the Psalms this summer: to learn, to remember, & to be transformed. How do the Psalms help us move past a season of spiritual lethargy/malaise?


2. We then began to work our way through Psalm 1. 

A: V. 1 begins, “Blessed is the man…” & it was said that everyone wants this…yet few possess this permanent joy. Where do people go to try to find joy outside the work of Christ? Why do all other paths to blessing prove to be insufficient?

B: The second part of v. 1 & in v. 2 we see the importance of influence. V. 1 talks about not allow the wicked, sinners, & scoffers to have influence over you. How can you protect yourself & your family from being influenced by those that oppose God?

C: V. 2 talks about delighting in God’s Word. We were encouraged to adhere, appreciate, and apply the Word of God. What was helped you to do each of these more regularly & effectively: listen & learn God’s Word, love God’s Word, and live the truth of God’s Word?

D: When talking about delighting in God’s Word, it led us to the second part of v. 2 & meditating on the Scriptures. Rather than compartmentalizing life, we were challenged to see God’s Word PERMEATE every aspect of our lives. What areas of your life is it most difficult to let God’s Word inform? What area of your life are you most thankful that God’s Word has shaped?


3. We then looked at v. 3-4 & the qualities of the blessed one.

A: In v. 3, we see that the tree is secure, flourishes, produces, & endures; while the chaff is scattered, withering, unproductive, and weak. The differences between the righteous & wicked are stark. What do you see as some of the most significant differences between the righteous & wicked in the world today?

B: Both the tree & the chaff go through seasons of difficulty. How do difficult times reveal the truth of who we are & what we cling to?


4. We ended by looking at v. 5-6 & the distinct futures of the righteous & wicked.

A: We heard that there is a clear distinction between the saints & the sinners before the Lord: condemnation or commendation. How does knowing that all will stand before God in one of these two positions shape your life & interactions with others?

B: We wrapped up our time by hearing that the love of Christ is immutable (unchanging), infinite, & unbreakable. How have you experienced this to be true so far in 2017?