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Psalm 101

1.We began by talking about the unique qualities of this psalm.

A: This psalm was read whenever a king was being enthroned. It served as a reminder both for the king and the people. What stands out to you about the type of king that is described in this psalm?

B: Pastor Nate mentioned that the psalm is a psalm of righteous resolve: a resolve to be productive. What are examples of people with a righteous resolve that come to your mind?

C: Christian productivity was defined as doing good works as a RESULT of salvation for the good of others to the glory of God. What part of this definition do people tend to confuse or miss completely when talking about good works?

2.We then looked at how David sought to be productive in his private life.

A: When talking about v. 1 & David’s singing, Pastor Nate said, “That which we admire in superiors, we will endeavor to imitate.” How does David’s example of singing to the Lord set the tone for the people & their view of God? How can we be an example of true delight in God for the good of others to the glory of God?

B: We also talked about the fact that worship is directed towards the one, true God…there are no lasting rivals. What competes for our worship today?

C: In v. 2, David says, “I will ponder the way that is blameless…” & we talked about saturating our minds in the Word of God. What are intentional steps you’ve made to immerse yourself in the truth of God & purge your mind of ungodliness?

D: The question posed in v. 2 helps us see that even David recognizes his helpless state apart from God. What helps us to remember our continual need for God?

E: In v. 2, David says, “I will walk with integrity of heart within my house.” What are some of the gaps between us at home versus us in public?

F: In v. 3, we talked about the importance of the eyes. It was said that, “when you look at something worthless, you quickly become useless.” How does what we fix our eyes on shape what we value & what we become?

3.We then moved to the ways David wanted to be productive in public life.

A: In v. 5, David talks about a “haughty look & an arrogant heart” & we discussed that all of us must fight the temptation to think that anyone is beneath with the truth of the gospel. How does the gospel help us see people within the body as all being on level ground, rather than having superiors & inferiors?

B: In v. 6, David says, “he who walks in the way that is blameless shall minister to me.” We talked about the need for employers/employees who are Christians to be people of character. What does it look like for you to be a beautiful treasure in your work that points others to Christ? What does it look like for you to be a toothache in your work that functions in a way contrary to the truth of the gospel?

C: We ended in v. 8 by thinking on the fact that David is committed to this task DAILY. There is something to be said for a day in, day out commitment. How does God’s wisdom, grace, & instruction help us to be people committed to Christian productivity both in our private & public lives?