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Psalm 146

1.We looked in v. 1-2 as the psalmist declares that we are to praise the Lord with our whole being for all time.

A: It was said that we are made to exalt, to magnify, to worship. How do we see this to be true…even in the lives of non-Christians?

B: When the psalmist says, “O my soul…”, it is a statement of glorifying God with everything we have. What are ways that you can glorify with your whole being?

C: When talking about the length of praise to God being for all time, it was said that we can never overpraise God. How do we keep it before us consistently that God is truly great & awesome? That His greatness is so great that we can’t overpraise Him?


2. We then looked at v. 3-4 at the second set of declarations & explanations.

A: We see in v. 3 that we are not to put our ultimate trust or hope in human governments or a fellow human. This highlights the idea that humanity is helpless apart from God. What are other ways we see the insufficiency of man apart from God?

B: In v. 3b, it talks about how there is no salvation in humanity. A person can’t give you spiritual life, true rescue. What are other ways people try to find life outside of God?

C: In v. 4, we see the psalmist being blunt: when a person dies, their plans perish. We see that no one, no matter who we are, is in control of life & death. How can you being a voice of grace & truth to those who need grace & truth in moments where the reality of life & death is deeply felt?


3. We ended by looking at v. 5-10 at the reasons why a person is blessed to trust in God. In case you wanted those reasons…here they are! You are blessed when you trust in God because the God of the Bible is the God: of hope, who created the universe, who keeps His Word, who judges fairly, who provides, who liberates, who heals, who rewards, who loves, who pays attention, who strengthens, who is victorious, & who reigns for eternity.

A: Which of these reasons is most timely or needed for you to hear right now in your life?

B: Pastor Nate discussed several of these & pointed out that God acts in these ways according to His own grace, mercy & love. What happens if we begin to think God acts in these ways because of something we are or we do?

C: We also saw that because God acts in these ways, it ought to motivate us to do the same towards others. Why is it so important to pursue having a gospel-centered, Biblical, God-honoring motivation as you live life?