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Psalm 149

1.We looked in v. 1-6a about boasting in the one, true God.

A: The psalm begins by exhorting the reader to exalt in God with zeal & delight. The psalmist often speaks of doing this through singing. What ways do you find yourself best able to exalt God with zeal & delight?

B: In v. 1, it talks about praising God “in the assembly of the godly.” The church is to be a people who praise the Lord. What happens when a church removes making praise of God the central aim of the church?

C: We see in v. 3 that the people of God are marked by great joy as they praise God. We talked about how the people of God should have more joy than any other people. Why should Christians have the most joy?

D: We then see the goodness of God in v. 4: He takes pleasure in His people & adorns them with salvation. Why is this verse such good news?

E: We ended this section by looking at v. 5-6 & specifically making God known both in our public & private lives. What are ways that you can make God known in each of these realms of your life?


2. We then looked at v. 6b-9 at the idea of fighting for the one, true God.

A: Pastor Nate made it clear that our weapon in the spiritual battle is the Word of God. How does the Bible serve as a weapon as we fight against the schemes of the Enemy & our own sinful flesh?

B: In v. 9, we realize that everything spoken in v. 6-8 WILL happen…it is written. How does God’s faithfulness in the past give us confidence for the future?

C: READ ROMANS 8:28-39. How does this passage encourage/motivate us as we engage in spiritual warfare?