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Psalm 51

1. We talked about how this psalm is a cry to God in the midst of distress because of our sin.

A: In v. 1-2, we see that David pleas for absolution: freedom from the guilt that you experience as a result of sin. Where do people seek to get absolution outside of the work of Christ?

B: Some try to get absolution by doing good works, how does this motivation undermine the work of the gospel & even the good of the work?

C: It was said that, “The more we make light of sin, the more we make light of God’s grace, mercy, & love.” How have you seen this to be true? How have you seen the opposite to be true as well?

D: In v. 3-4, David’s sin has eaten at him to the point where he confesses his sin is against God & any discipline is just. David even confesses his need for rescue from birth in v. 5! How does coming to the place of realizing the severity of sin demonstrate that the grace of God is at work?

2. Then we talked about David’s requests in v. 7-12.

A: David asks that God would eliminate the guilt of sin. How is God able to accomplish this?

B: David also asks that God not take his Holy Spirit from him, as was the case with King Saul. What helps us to recognize the importance of God’s presence guidance, & wisdom in our own lives?

C: Finally, David asks that the joy of salvation would be restored. Have you experienced this type of restoration from God?

3. We ended by looking at David’s transformation in v. 13-17 & then his intercession for his people in v. 18-19.

A: David says that he will instruct others in God’s ways & exalt God with his voice for God’s way. David won’t be silent. What are ways that you can speak the truth of God’s way to others in your life?

B: The psalm ends with intercession for his people. David doesn’t want the people to feel the effects of his sin. APPLICATION: take time to pray for our church leaders that they would fight sin by the grace of God. Also pray that MBC would confess our sin before God & experience the gracious forgiveness of God through Christ.