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Psalm 67

1.We started by talking about how v. 1 points us back to Numbers 6.

A: Based off verse 1, we remember that we are the ones who need God (His grace, His blessing, His presence) & that no one is self-sufficient. Why is it hard for us to admit our need for God? What are ways you’ve tried to portray yourself as self-sufficient in the past?

B:We also remember that by reading Psalm 67:1 & it pointing back to Numbers 6 that this need for God isn’t new, this need has been there! Why is it refreshing to remember that others ultimately have the same need that we have?

C: In order to remember all that we can remember about God, we were challenged to read the Bible consistently. What is your plan for reading the Bible on a regular basis? What has helped you to more consistently read the Bible?

2. We then talked about v. 2 & God’s saving power being known among all nations.

A: We read both Genesis 12:2-3 & Matthew 28:18-20 to highlight the idea that the plan of God is that the good news of God’s work be sent to the nations. What are ways that we can practically involve ourselves in the effort to see the gospel advance to all nations?

B: We also talked about ways to engage the world: live a life consistent with the truth of the gospel, treat others with graciousness & mercy in light of the gospel, & speak the truth of the the gospel whenever possible. Which of these have you seen yourself grow in over the year so far? Which of these is most difficult for you?

3. Next we went through v. 3-5 & beholding the greatness of our God.

A: We talked about how people long for an enduring, lasting gladness & joy. What are some of the ways people pursue this kind of gladness & joy?

B: How has placing your confidence in God produced in you more gladness & joy?

C: Thinking through the rest of the Bible, how does God show Himself to be right & fair in his dealings & also in charge of all things?

4. Finally, we talked about v. 6-7 & looking forward to God’s blessing & glory.

A: On Sunday, it was emphasized that God did bless & that this ultimate blessing was according to the definite plan of God in God’s timing (Acts 2, Eph 1, Heb 1)…in Jesus Christ! How does seeing the work of Christ as the ultimate fulfillment of God’s plan of blessing, grace & presence give us more confidence to trust in the power & sufficiency of God?

B: We ended by talking of Rev 7:9-10 & the day when people from all tribes, peoples, & languages worship God. What does reading of this future moment do for your soul?