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Romans 4:13-25

1. Throughout this section, Paul continues to reaffirm that righteousness before God is through faith alone in Christ alone.

A: We talked about the benefit of repetition, what are ways that you can repeat & remind yourself of the gospel message regularly?

B: In v. 14-15, we see that the law doesn’t bring justification & our works can’t either. What are examples of people making a works-based attempt at righteousness?

C: In v. 16-17, Paul explains why there is justification by faith…by God’s grace alone! We spent time once again discussing the difference between MONERGISM & SYNERGISM: How does synergism (I play a part alongside God in my righteousness) rob God of His rightful glory?

D: In v. 18-19, we see that genuine faith isn’t rooted in man’s view of God’s promises/current circumstances. This is good news! How have you seen God be faithful in moments that appeared bleak/difficult/overwhelming?

E: In v. 20, we see that genuine faith grows when one gives God His due. What are ways that people try to a piece of God’s glory? What are ways that you can intentionally give God the glory He’s due?

F: In v. 21, it was said that genuine faith is rooted in the nature & attributes of God. Why is it important to believe that NOTHING IS HARD FOR GOD?

G: We also talked about the nature of faith & were challenged to examine whether we had a counterfeit faith or a credible faith. How does obedience reflect the nature of our faith?

H: In v. 23-25, we see the good news that justification is for all who believe without distinction! Who is someone you know that needs to hear the good news of the gospel?

I: We ended Sunday with a challenge to counter the false narratives concerning the gospel with the truth of the gospel rooted in the Bible. What are you doing/what can you do to better equip yourself to counter the false narratives with gospel truth?