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Romans 6:1-10

1. Let’s start by quickly reviewing the main idea of Romans 1-5 & then look into Paul’s question & response in v. 1-2.

A: Paul has been consistently reminding the reader that justification is not by our works, but through the work of Christ. Why is it so vital that a person understands justification? What happens if you believe you contribute to your own justification?

B: We then looked at Romans 5:18 & 5:20. They point to being in Adam versus being in Christ & the supremacy of God’s grace. How does understanding that we are all in Adam help us see the beauty of God’s grace?

C: Next we arrived at 6:1 & talked about how the question Paul poses is one that a person who distorts the truth of justification by grace through faith would ask…how does this serve as an example for us of knowing the questions our culture/people around us will ask as the gospel is heard?

D: In 6:2, Paul says that Christians have died to sin. This alludes to the idea that we’ve talked about in the past…Christians are seen as “saints” in the NT. So as a reminder, why is it important the Christians understand themselves as saints?

2. Next let’s talk through Romans 6:3-5 & see the implications of being dead to sin.

A: In these verses we see the importance of union with Christ. It was said that union with Christ is God counting on our behalf all that Christ has accomplished, specifically in this portion we see that Christ’s death becomes our death.  How have you understood the concept of being “in Christ” or “with Christ” as you’ve read the Bible?

B: Because we are in Christ, we are no longer under the reign or rule of sin. What is a sin that you can say no longer has a rule or reign on your life?

C: We talked about how we are now free to fight our sin because we are in Christ. 3 things were mentioned: reminding yourself of the gospel, making a plan of action when convicted of sin, confessing your sin before God & to others who can encourage/exhort/hold accountable. Which of these 3 ways of fighting sin can you better incorporate into your life right now?

3. Finally we talked about Romans 6:6-10 & our union with Christ in His resurrection.

A: In our new identity in Christ, we see that we are changed (v. 6), made free from the bondage of sin (v. 7), & have hope (v. 9). How have you seen evidence of your new identity in Christ? In what ways have you seen evidence of your fellow MBCers (community group) having a new identity in Christ?

B: It was said that our new identity is not rooted in us, but rather in Jesus Christ…who is completely sufficient! Why is it such good news that our new identity in Christ rests upon the sufficient work of Christ? What are ways we doubt the sufficiency of the work of Christ to make us new?

C: We ended with a quote from John Newton that said, “I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world; but still I am no what I once used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am.” How does the reality of God’s grace give you a sense of delight in where you are right now & where you are going? How does the reality of God’s grace give you a sense of hope for where our church is at right now & where we are going?