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Romans 6:11-14

1. To start this sermon, we revisited the major theme thus far of justification & compared it to sanctification.

A: It was said that sanctification is a process, whereas justification is instantaneous. When makes the process of sanctification so challenging?

B: We also heard that justification is monergistic (God alone), while sanctification is synergistic (the Holy Spirit & the follower of Christ). How does the Spirit of God use the Word of God to sanctify us?

C: We were also warned of a danger, the danger of placing importance on the subjective rather than the objective when it comes to the work of the Holy Spirit. How does this warning help us see the importance of knowing the Scriptures when talking about the work of the Holy Spirit?

2. We then moved into 4 exhortations from Romans 6:11-14.

A: The first exhortation is seen in v. 11, be confident about who you are in Christ. What are ways that we are tempted to cling to the person we once WERE, rather than clinging to who we ARE now in Christ?

B: We talked about how one of the major reasons we run back to what we once were is that we forget the right information, we’re truth amnesiacs. The remedy for this is to “devour the Scriptures.” What does it look like for us to do this?

C: The second exhortation is in v. 12, stop placing yourself under the authority of sin. How does remembering that Satan is a defeated foe give us encouragement?

D: It was noted from v. 13 that the tense of the verb is imperative, it is a command. What does knowing that this is a command rather than a suggestion point us to understand when we are dealing with sin?

E: The third exhortation is found in v. 13b, stand ready & willing to do God’s work. What does it look like for you to actively do God’s work right now in your life?

F: We were challenged with this question: What is 1 sin in your life that prevents your practice from matching your position? How can you make war on that sin now?

G: The final exhortation is in v. 14, sanctification is a battle…but one day it will be over. Paul is highlighting that justification, sanctification, & one day glorification will be realized for the Christian. Why is knowing that the battle has already been won such good news? How can you remind other Christians of this reality?