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Romans 7:1-6

1. We started with a quick review of who the two fronts that Paul was fighting against.

A: The antinomians professed faith in Christ but believed this was something they once did and did not have to continue in obedience to Christ. Legalists were those who believed that that they could earn righteousness through strict adherence to the Law. Both fail to reach God’s standard and are in need of Christ. Both groups fail to see Christ’s atoning work as the means to righteousness before God.

B: True believers are marked by devotion to Christ that is revealed to those around us. How do we reveal this devotion to those around us?

C: Pastor Nate gave the analogy of his age. No matter what age he thought, said, or believed he was, the fact is he is still 40. It was said that truth is the reality of that which is around us. We live in a society that does not believe in absolute truth. What is absolute truth? Do you hold to absolute truth? How do we combat a world that says there is no absolute truth?

2. We then went through this passage verse by verse.

A: In vs. 1-3 Paul says the law is only binding as long as one lives. He then goes on to explain this with the example of a married women. He is preparing to show his readers that they are no longer bound to the law. In chapter 6 he told his readers they were no longer under the law. This shows that they needed to be reminded of this freedom. As believers, how do we guard ourselves from falling back into the mindset that we are in bondage to the law?

B: In v. 4, Paul addressees his readers with endearment. He tells them that they are dead to the law through Christ and they can belong to another. We have completely died to the law, it is finished.  Christ restored the fellowship lost in the garden. Man can once again fulfill his purpose, to glorify God. As believers in Jesus Christ how do we glorify God?

C: Pastor Nate shared that the passive tense used here meant that we did not put ourselves to death, but someone else had to do this for us. What does this tell us about our ability to earn our salvation or change from bondage to the law to bound to Christ?

D: Next we heard the powerful truths of the gospel and what Christ has done on our behalf. Pastor Nate spoke about Christ being born of a virgin and he was fully man and fully God (the Hypostatic Union). What is the importance of Christ being fully God and fully man? Why was it important for Him to be born of a virgin?

E: Jesus willfully satisfied the full wrath of God on our behalf. We should be people that reflect on what Christ did to give us righteousness before God? How should this impact our devotion to Him?

F: In v. 5 we see Paul needing to remind his readers of who they once were in the flesh, bearing fruit for death. How does the law of God reveal to the sinner their need of a savior?

G:  In v. 6 we see that we have be released from the bondage of the law and are freed to belong to Christ. We are freed to exclusively serve our master and through the power of the Spirit we can obey the law of God. What does it look like to walk in obedience to the power of the Spirit?

H: Pastor Nate finished with the underlying theme of Romans, the gospel radically transforms people. We no longer have to dread wrath but can long for the presence of God. We belong to Christ and should bask in this marvelous truth. We should be people marked with a radical difference than the world. In what areas of your life do you need the radical change of the gospel to take place?