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Romans 7:13-25

1. We started in v. 13 & the reminder/transition that Paul gives entering this section of verses.

A: As a whole section, these verses are deeply personal for Paul. He uses the word, “I” or “me” 29 times in these verses discussing his own battle for sanctification. Is it encouraging to hear that even mature Christians, like Paul, battle for sanctification? Why is it important to realize that no Christian has arrived on this side of glory?

B: In v. 13 Paul reminds us that sin is evil, not the law! We were given 8 reasons why sin is horrific: sin dishonors God, grieves God, hinders the effectiveness of prayers to God, renders Christians spiritually weak, robs Christians of the joy of salvation, impedes spiritual growth, causes Christians to participate in the Lord’s Supper in an ungodly manner, & pollutes Christian fellowship. Does this list help us see the horrors of sin? What causes us to make light of our sin?

2. We then looked at the four laments in v. 14-24.

A: Paul is grieved that he is still contaminated by the sin of his old life. How is hating your sin serve as evidence of God’s grace at work in your life? How have your desires/values/affections changed since becoming a follower of Jesus?

B: In v. 18-19 we see that we can’t be perfectly faithful to God because of our lingering sin. We can however be obedient by the empowering of the Holy Spirit. So how do these two things: the lingering effects of sin, but also the empowering of the Holy Spirit…impact how we repent of sin & pray to God as we fight our sin?

C: Does it encourage or discourage you to realize that you won’t be fully sanctified in this life, that it won’t be complete until glory?

D: In v. 21-23, we noted that with every good deed or thought, sin still wages war. What are signs of weariness in battling sin? How do we strengthen ourselves to continue to fight our sin vigorously?

E: In v 24, a great question is posed, “who will deliver me from this body of death?” The emphatic answer is given in v. 25, Jesus Christ our Lord! How does the Jesus’ victory over sin & death compel us to fight sin & pursue righteousness?

F: We ended with points of application that emphasized fighting our sin TOGETHER. How do fighting sin together look: in your family, in your community group, as a church?

G: We were exhorted to fight our sin relentlessly (empowered by the Holy Spirit, not giving up), bravely (as opposed to being timid/cowardly…having a serious view of sin that stands out in the world today), & confidently (knowing that our foe has been defeated, that victory is assured). Which of these qualities of fighting is most challenging for you? Which of these do you see yourself or others around you exhibiting?