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Romans 7:7-12

1. We started the message by reminding ourselves of how the good news of the gospel thoroughly revolutionizes a person’s life.

A: One of the most obvious changes is in a person’s POSITION before God: dead in sin to alive in Christ. Look at Ephesians 2:1-3 & compare to Ephesians 2:4-7. What are evidences of this change in position in the life of a Christian?

B: We also talked about the changes in a person’s practice & product in light of the power of the gospel. What are ways that you are pursuing now pursuing obedience that you weren’t prior to following Christ? What are ways you want to invest in eternal matters that you wouldn’t care about if you weren’t a Christian?

2. We then looked at the passage & the questions/answers that the text provides.

A: First we addressed the role of the law in the life of the Christian in light of v. 7. It was said that followers of Jesus are to obey all NT commands as well as OT commands that are affirmed or repeated in the NT. How does this help us address the argument that Christians simply pick & choose which laws to obey?

B: In v. 7-8, we also see Paul arguing that the law isn’t evil…but that sin is evil. The law exposes the sin of sinners…which is a good thing! While sin excites the sinner to sin…what are examples of things that can be used for good being misused for evil through sin?

C: V. 9 is a powerful verse concerning how the Spirit of God uses the Law of God to reveal a person’s true standing before God. Why is it so easy for us to deceive ourselves when it comes to our true standing before God? Why is it so helpful to have a way of measuring ourselves against a true standard?

D: In v. 10-11, we understand that sin is evil because it misuses the law of God to entrap sinners & ultimately lead them to death. It was said that this happens when: a) sinners believe they are beyond the grace of God, or b) sinners believe they don’t need to be saved…that you can earn your way to God. Which of these deceptions is more tempting for you to fall into? Which of these traps do you see others falling into? How does the gospel address each of these traps?

E: Based on v. 12, we know that the Law of God is good. We understood that the Law is good because it exposes us & our need for salvation/rescue…it points to the gospel! How can you use the law of God to point people to their need for God’s rescuing grace?

F: We ended by hearing 3 implications from this text: praise God for His commandments, proclaim God’s commandments, & practice God’s commandments. How are you able to do these 3 things this week?

G: Each of the 3 implications are rooted in knowing God’s commandments. How are you devouring God’s Word right now?