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Romans 8:19-27

1. We talked about the hope of glorification that’s seen throughout this passage.

A: Glorification is a movement from earthly bodies to heavenly/resurrected bodies. See Philippians 3:20-21. Have you thought much about this idea of glorification prior to hearing about it on Sunday? If so, what had you thought or understood about it?

B: How does the news of glorification serve as good news for the Christian? How does it fit within the idea that Christians have hope for the future?

C: In v. 19-22, we see that creation cares greatly about the future glorification of the children of God. This is because of the futility that creation now experiences, what are ways that creation has been unable to fulfill its purposes?

D: This passage in Romans 8 is tying together news from Genesis 1-2 with the news of Revelation 21-22. What does knowing that God is committed to His purposes from beginning to end teach us about the character of God?

E: V. 22-23 uses the term, “groaning,” to describe the current state of creation & the people of God. There is an intense longing due to the corruption of sin for glorification to take place. Do we have this kind of longing for God to complete His work? What changes when we have a conviction that God WILL complete His work in us & in the world?

F: In v. 23, we also see that there is proof in being a child of God: the indwelling Holy Spirit. Having talked a great deal about the person & work of the Holy Spirit since we started in Romans 8, what changes when we live our lives believing that the Holy Spirit dwells within us, the children of God?

G: In v. 24, we see the tension of having been saved & yet this work of God in us not yet fully realized. It was compared to D-Day & V-E Day. What provides you assurance that we live in between these two moments: having been saved, but looking forward to glorification that’s to come?

H: We are exhorted in v. 24b-25 to wait with patience…to persevere, to endure. How does perseverance serve as proof our faith in Christ?

I: In v. 26-27, we see that the Spirit helps us by interceding according to the will of God on our behalf. How does this news of intercession on our behalf, in our weakness, show the kindness & goodness of God?

J: We ended with a word of encouragement to take God at His Word & to trust Him as we look to the future. It was said that, “certainty for the future leads to freedom to follow Christ now.” How can you increase your certainty for the future? What are ways you can follow Christ right now?