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Romans 8:29-30

1. We started by talking about the importance of doctrine & having a conviction for the authority of God’s Word as we look at Romans 8:29-30 & continue in Romans.

A: It was said that rather than believing that doctrine divides, that doctrine identifies. What are ways that holding to Christian doctrines makes a person distinctly Christian?

B: What have been some of the benefits in your life of diving deeply into the truth of the Bible? What are the dangers for the Christian of never moving beyond the “kiddie pool” of theology?

2. We then unpacked a few of the truths gleaned from Romans 8:28 last week.

A: First we noted again the confidence that Paul displays in Romans 8:28 in the phrase, “we know”. Paul’s confidence is specifically in the work & purposes of God. What are other places that people seek to find their confidence outside of Christ?

B: We also talked about the importance of defining the word, “good”, in Romans 8:28. How does misunderstanding & misusing this verse undermine the power & goodness of this verse?

3. The issues of Romans 8:28 are then answered in Romans 8:29.

A: The verse talks about, “those whom he foreknew” & it was said that this means God knows & loves his people from the beginning of time…that this foreknowledge is more than just being aware of a people, but that God set his love on a people. Why is it important to grasp the meaning & the strength of God’s love in the concept of “foreknowledge”?

B: We looked at Exodus 33:17, Matthew 7:21-23 & Amos 3:2. How do these verses help us understand the word, “know”, as connecting to God’s love & relationship with a people?

C: The “good” of Romans 8:28 is then made more clear in v. 29…that it is conforming God’s people into the image of the Son. Why is it so helpful for us to believe that God is committed to remaking us into the image of Son no matter what may come our way? How does this news help us navigate all that takes place in our lives?

D: The final part of Romans 8:29 speaks to the fullness of this conformity for those in Christ…it is a complete conformity. In what ways is it encouraging to know that God will see His work all the way through…until total completion?

4. We then moved to Romans 8:30 & the process of conformity.

A: As we began to look at Romans 8:30, it was said that it is important that we understand this process as either God or man will get glory for this work. How do people (either intentionally or unintentionally) take glory away from God when thinking or talking about the work of salvation, sanctification, glorification?

B: This passage says that God calls & it was said that this takes place through the hearing of the gospel message. How does this motivate us to share the gospel with others?

C: When thinking about justification, we know that every Christian’s story speaks of this reality. Would anyone in your group like to take time to share their story of moving from dead in sin to alive in Christ?

D: The text ends by speaking of glorification that’s to take place in the future as if it’s already happened. What generates this type of confidence in the trustworthiness of God to accomplish all he says he’ll accomplish?

E: We ended with a word of encouragement that we can be absolutely confident of all that’s said in Romans 8:28-30. What is it that most encourages you from this set of verses?