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Romans 8:31-39

1. Pastor Zac went through the passage in a verse by verse way, so we’ll do the same with the questions!

A: In v. 31, the question was posed, “Why should God’s sovereignty bring comfort?” as the passage is in light of God’s sovereignty in v. 28-30. So how does believing that God is fully sovereign, He’s in control, bring comfort to His people?

B: It was also noted from v. 31 that this verse doesn’t mean we won’t face hardship. We looked at how Jesus talks of this in John 15:18-19. How does hearing the words of Jesus & then the message of Romans 8:31 bring about a conviction to stand firm in the midst of difficulty?

C: In v. 32, it was said that the focus was on the word, “own”, in that God gave up His own Son. How does this news of God giving up His own Son demonstrate the commitment of God to ensure victory? How does Jesus’ work ensure victory for those in Christ?

D: In v. 33, we see the good news that God declares His people innocent. How does this declaration in this passage & seen throughout the book of Romans motivate us to live holy lives right now?

E: In v. 34, it was said that, “our sin has been covered from every conceivable angle”, by the work of Christ. What are ways we can doubt the sufficiency of the work of Christ, the fact that sin is dealt with by Jesus Christ?

F: We went through the circumstances that can cause doubt in v. 35. A word of encouragement as we looked through these circumstances was to consider what’s temporal versus what’s eternal. How does having an eternal perspective change how you handle challenging, desperate moments? How can these types of moments lead to a more intense dependence on the Lord?

G: The phrase, “For your sake”, of v. 36 is a highlight of this verse. What’s the difference between suffering for the sake of the gospel and other types of suffering?

H: When looking at v. 38-39, it was said that this list presses us to ponder the magnitude & power of the love of God. What helps us to ponder the love of God? How do these verses provide confidence for the Christian?

I: We ended by hearing words of encouragement to think on how God’s love affects us. So how have you been shaped, or changed, by the love of God?